About Western T

Howdy folks! It's Ashley here at Western T. I am the HBIC around here. I do it all, order the product, make the product, pack orders, construct designs, manage the website, AND appreciate all of you! Your patience with every order truly means the world to me, life is crazy and being a one woman show is a little tough sometimes. 

Tees are our number one around here. However, we have a few fun little accessories, along with our awesome, signature Brand Hoodies/Crewnecks. As we are just an online brand, our headquarters are located in Northwest Iowa. Western T was established in May 2020, honestly kinda on a spur of the moment idea. Being from a very small town, I wasn't sure if it would become anything, or be successful. I have been so blessed and overjoyed at the success Western T has had. It has been an amazing journey so far and I am so excited to see where we go.

A love for dressing up, but still keeping that comfy style is what inspired me to start the brand. Tees are my absolute go to when I'm looking for an outfit to the bars, to the mall, or dinner with friends. Grab a cardigan or punchy jacket to pair with your Western T tee, and if you're like me, you'll put on some badass flares to go with it. 

Thank you for checking out our website. I hope you have found a few things you can't live without. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram wearing your merchandise so we can see you rocking it and feature you on our page!



Ashley - Western T Brand Owner/Maker