Turnaround time is approx. 3-5 business days, this does not include shipping time!


By placing an order with WTB, I understand that all sales are final and no exchanges or refunds are given, stated in the online policies listed on the website. 

Once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled or altered. 

The customer is responsible for understanding and knowing what product they are purchasing, by reading the product description for the items purchased.

It is agreed and understood lost or damaged packages are NOT in WTB control or fault once dropped off at the post office. 

It is understood if the package is LOST or DAMAGED in shipping, you may file a claim with the carrier, or email us at westerntbrand@gmail.com to receive assistance in filing a claim.

It is understood the turnaround time is the time allowed for your order to be dropped off at the post office and does not include shipping time. The turnaround time is always posted at the top of the website for everyone to be aware of. 

It is understood if there are any issues with an order, the customer must EMAIL westerntbrand@gmail.com within 5 days of receiving the package. 

It is understood WTB does not take ANY custom orders.

It is understood if you select LOCAL PICKUP you are picking up your order at the designated address stated. 

It is understood if you select LOCAL PICKUP your order is NOT bumped to the top of the list, and you will receive an email when your order is ready.

It is understood if you select LOCAL PICKUP you are only able to pickup your order during the designated times/days listed. 

It is understood ALL phone cases are only available for PRE ORDER and will ship based on the date and information available to read in the phone cases collection. Your phone case WILL NOT ship within the turnaround time stated on the website as it is for PRE ORDER. IT WILL TAKE LONGER.

It is understood when purchasing a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, no other items are to be purchased at this time. IF other items are purchased with a monthly subscription, your items WILL NOT ship together and you will be charged a shipping fee based on the weight of your package + a $5.00 service charge. Your items will NOT be shipped out until this is paid.

It is understood when subscribing to the monthly subscription, the customer is responsible for cancelling the subscription AHEAD of the automatic payment date in order to not be charged. WTB is not responsible for cancelling the subscription. 


It is agreed and understand any further questions or concerns will be handled through email @ westerntbrand@gmail.com